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Document Shredding Services for Keene, New Hampshire

document shredding services for Keene, New HampshireData Destruction Services, located in Shirley MA, offers confidential paper shredding. Many people own a shredder at home or in the office to handle the removal of a few sensitive documents, but the destruction of sensitive documents needs to be handled by professionals with document shredding services.. Many businesses still keep large paper records which can quickly overwhelm storage areas and pose a potential security threat if records are stolen.

Many data regulations now require businesses to keep records of customer information. Data privacy is taken seriously by governments around the world. Improper storage or destruction of these customer details can come with heavy fines. The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) of 2003 regulates safe handling of sensitive data. In order to comply with FACTA Keene, New Hampshire document shredding services are the best method to handle data disposal.

Why do our customers choose to shred documents? Document shredding services, Keene, New Hampshire saves time and money and protects you and your customers. Here are some major benefits to shredding:

  • Protect from identity theft
  • Remain compliant with government laws
  • Prevent information breaches
  • Save employee time
  • All shredded documents are recycled

Outsourcing your document shredding services for Keene, New Hampshire reduces employee time investment in manual shredding within the office, allows you to recycle old documents, and provides a safe option for destruction of all forms of data. If you need regular document shredding services or a single, one time pick-up, we can assist you with protecting your data at all times.

We supply all customers with a certificate of destruction regardless of the amount of documents involved. For residential or commercial customers document shredding is an ideal way to dispose of excess documents of any kind. Let us handle the removal process and our industrial shredder will do the rest.

Don’t waste time and money! Let us help!

Why risk trouble with spotty, inefficient, in-house shredding? Inexperienced and untrained employees often do a poor or incomplete job, exposing your firm to possible legal action and financial loss. Save time and money by having your data safely destroyed by the experts – Data Destruction Services, LLC.