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How is the material destroyed?

Your material is picked up by our trained, uniformed staff and securely transported to the secure shredding facility. It is then destroyed in the industrial shredder that can shred 12,000 pounds an hour. Then all the material is sent to a papermill where the paper is pulped and recycled.

How do I know my material is shredded?

You will receive a Certificate of Destruction at the completion of service. This is our guarantee that your material is destroyed.

Do you supply us with a Certificate of Destruction?

Yes. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction at the completion of each service. This is an important document to keep on file to show that you are complying with federal and state laws.

Do you supply containers?

Yes. Whether you are doing a one-time cleanout or have a regular scheduled service, we will supply you with secure containers to store your material.

Do you do one-time cleanouts / purges?

Yes. This is an ideal cost-effective solution to securely get rid of large volumes of material on an as needed basis.

Does the material have to be in boxes?

No. The material can be in piles, file drawers, bags or boxes. Our trained staff will bring the proper equipment to securely handle your shredding needs. We can even supply you with secure containers so that you can go thru the material before we pick it up.

Do I need to remove staples or paperclips?

No. There is no need to remove staples or paperclips. The large industrial shredder is designed to handle these materials.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. There are no fuel surcharges, trip fees, container rental fees or any other hidden fees.

Do you do residential shredding?

Yes. We will come to your home and securely handle your shredding needs.
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