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Paper Shredding Services

paper shredding servicesPaper shredding services are not just for bank and tax records. For businesses and other organizations, paper shredding services are a crucial tool for protecting corporate, employee, and client information.

Every organization, no matter how large or small, compiles information that can be sensitive in nature. Paper shredding services such as what we offer here at Data Destruction Services LLC are a fast and efficient way to ensure the vital information you’ve compiled in documents doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Even if you store most of your data electronically, you’d be surprised at how much information still resides in paper documents hidden away in filing cabinets, desk drawers, and storage units. Old pay stubs, tax returns, client notes, customer invoices and more – all could contain information that could be harmful if the wrong people got a hold of it. Paper shredding services can provide peace-of-mind and security by physically reducing paper documents to shreds of paper impossible to reproduce.

Still not convinced that your business needs paper shredding services? Think about this fact for a minute: according to the Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics, almost 17 million Americans over the age of 16 have become victims recently of at least one identity theft incident. Paper shredding services can quickly and efficiently render useless old credit card receipts, employment applications, bank statements, and other personal documents that can be linked to personal identity theft.

Organizations involved in the healthcare and financial services industries are required by law to protect personal information and can be held financially responsible for mishandling customer or patient information. Paper shredding services can go a long way in helping maintain regulatory compliance.

For more information about paper shredding services for the communities in greater central and eastern Massachusetts as well as southern New Hampshire, contact the paper shredding service experts here at Data Destruction Services LLC.

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