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Certificate of Destruction for Groton, Massachusetts

Every organization has data they need to destroy, and to ensure that it’s done properly and securely requires a certificate of destruction. Why is this important? Because today, in many ways, data is more valuable than hard currency. For many organizations, competitors as well as criminals can be equally interested in stealing their information. And while this can be a major problem for many businesses, public agencies, and private organizations, it can be especially troublesome for firms that must comply with state and federal regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, and the multitude of laws designed to protect privacy. Companies that fail to comply can face stiff fines, penalties, and even prosecution. A Groton, Massachusetts certificate of destruction can help prove compliance and substantially reduce the risk of running afoul of the law.

One major way to reduce the risk of data loss is reliable and secure commercial shredding that provides a certificate of destruction for Groton, Massachusetts organizations or any firm anywhere that has their old data commercially destroyed. Far more effective and efficient than simply relying upon an office shredder, professional shredding backed by a certificate of destruction provides:

  • Proof of chain of data custody
  • Documented proof of destruction
  • Proof of regulatory compliance
  • Guaranteed data destruction

A professional, responsible secure shredding service provider such as Data Destruction Services, LLC will use trained, uniformed, and clearly identified staff to pick up and transport your sensitive documents to a secure shredding facility. When your confidential material is picked up and then again after it is shredded, you will receive a certificate of destruction that identifies what and when documents have been destroyed to prove regulatory compliance. A reliable professional shredding firm such as Data Destruction Services, LLC will even supply secure containers to safely store paper and digital media until it is picked up for transport and destruction.

Secure shredding is the best way for any organization, large or small, to keep important information safe from prying eyes. With the amount of public and private information growing exponentially every year, secure professional shredding, backed by an authenticated Groton, Massachusetts certificate of destruction, is the ideal solution for protecting sensitive corporate, consumer, and customer data.

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